12 things I must do this year

Okanzaki cape of Ishigaki Island
Okanzaki cape of Ishigaki Island
  1. Have more opportunities to perform.
  2. Establish a sustainable system to complete the above, maybe not doing magic shows, but the ones which consist of several kinds of theatrical performances.
  3. Have a stable economic base to achieve the above.
  4. Renew my name card. For that, I should consume the rest of old ones.
  5. Have a productive talk about a counterproductive coding rule with a director of the company. If we cannot reach an agreement, I will leave the place and will find a more appropriate spot for me.
  6. Learn how to use Grunt or gulp and use it for my daily works.
  7. Develop my language skills and use it for my daily works.
  8. Stop by my parents’ place at least once in a week.
  9. Go to Germany in any reason.
  10. Take excellent pictures and upload here.
  11. Be healthy as ever.
  12. Glow more vegetables in my garden. For that, I must make a good soil first.
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