An art project at Old tunnels

An art project at Old tunnels

There are the remains of the old brick tunnels near the JR Jokoji station. They were made in the Meiji era and used as the JR Chuoh line till 1969, but after that they had been “forgotten” until recently! “Forgotten”??? People forgot the things so quickly…? The tunnels have strong arch structure so there is no serious damage even it was built more than 100 years ago!

Normally the tunnels are opened to the public twice in a year, spring and autumn. Now Big Art festival is held in Aich prefecture, so they decided to have another art festival in this remains. Good idea!

Well, I was not expecting anything to the art festival itself, more interested in the tunnels, but the one which was displayed in the first tunnel (No.3 tunnel) looked nice! Small ships were hanged from the ceiling with beautiful lighting.

There are many maple trees in the fields so it must be very beautiful in autumn! I would like to visit there next open period in November. There will be more crowded, though.

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