Canada Day, 21 years ago.

21 years ago, I was in Vancouver airport with some friends and stayed there overnight. At a hotel near the airport? No. We slept on benches at the airport.
Each of them were heading to different places, one flew to Toronto for her new life. Two of them went back to Japan after enjoyable lives in Canada for a year. I was going to participate in my first international magic competition in the United States and Germany. All of us lived in Kamloops, a small town in British Columbia, several hours from Vancouver by car. Maybe our flights are early in the morning and wanted to save money, then decided to sleep there.

Brave poor girls!
But it was a fun night. Can you see the smiling faces in the pictures?

I will go to the reunion of the friends from Canada this weekend. I hope we can share such a wonderful time like this moment.

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