Dental checkup

Photo by Keiko Aizawa, Japan

I go for a regular dental checkup every three months. Last Saturday was the day for it. After the checkup the dentist asked me “When will you do a show next? Please let me know when you do. I am surely coming next time, too!” Yes, he and some of his staff came to see our show last year.

I have been his patient for more than 15 years, but I didn’t have a chance to show him the evidence I am a magic performer. He was a neighbor of a fellow from a magic circle I used to belong to. When I was looking for a good dentist, the fellow recommended his neighbor. So The dentist knew I am a magician, though.

“Live performance is very nice!”, the dentist said. “We have seen some magic performance on TV, but live act is so different. It is more impressive. I tried to figure out how the trick works, but I couldn’t in such a short distance…”

This is the most popular feedback when we do a show for lay people. “For lay people”, I wrote, but basically magic show is produced for lay people. Unfortunately, many of them have never seen a live magic show in their life. Well, there are many entertainment show in the world. Not all the people have to see a magic show. But it is also true there are not many opportunities to see a good live magic show with reasonable price.

For now I am not really interested in performing at a magic convention. I have done my “last convention performance” several years ago and never shown up at any magic convention since then. If someone offer a chance I will not refuse it, but I am not looking for an opportunity by myself. I would rather like to do a performance show for lay people. I am looking for fellows who have same feeling and motivation to create a own live entertainment show.

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