Excellent camera crews

ending of the act
Photo by Keiko Aizawa, Japan

I got a lot of wonderful pictures and video from our last show in June. Unfortunately The ticket of the third show was not sold well so there were many empty sheets left. I thought the space could be used by camera crew. Originally We hadn’t planed shooting our show.

I knew a good photographer and a camera operator. Just a week before I asked each of them if they can come to our show and take photos and video. Both of them said “yes”. I did brief meeting with them and budgeted the costs. To tell the truth, each of them said they will not receive any fee from us. But I managed them to get it in a subtle way.

They came to see the first show and previewed it before they shoot. The photographer already brought a camera with her and started taking photos, though. She was so concentrated shooing, so she hasn’t see “magic show” itself yet…..

This picture was taken in that way. I am going to introduce her photos one by one.

By the way, are you aware that the first name of the photographer is same as me? “Keiko” is really common name in Japan.

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