Four Seasons in a day

I took those pictures when I went to Okinawa island this winter. Each of the plants is normally seen in different seasons in the main islands of Japan but those are taken in the same day in Okinawa! Amazing, isn’t it?

Okinawa is located far south from the main islands, its climate is so mild in winter. It is so to say like spring time of the main islands, sometimes almost like in summer.

Okinawa has very different culture because they had their own kingdom, it means it was not a part of Japan in ancient time. In addition, Okinawa belonged to the USA after World War II till 1971. There are still many US bases, you can see some American products are sold, for example A&W’s root beer.

Now people in Okinawa speak standard Japanese, use Japanese currency and many things are same as in main islands but you can still feel as if you were in another country.

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