Golden Wedding Anniversary of My Parents


I went to a French Restaurant to celebrate my parents’ golden wedding anniversary last week. The owner of the restaurant is the person who I gave my oven the other day. Surprisingly it was the one which he was exactly looking for. He was so glad with it. And then asked his mother to make madeleines which she was always making when he was a child. He sent many of those to show me his appreciation. The oven was at my parents’ place so he knew their address. So the madleines were sent to their place. Since then my mother wanted to go to his restaurant. So I was planning to take her there someday.

I have reserved a table for lunch time but actually ordered full-course dinner. Every dish was so fancy looking and tasted so good. The appetizer was raw sea foods, it might be Japanese style, though. The soup was vichyssoise of purple potatoes. The main dish was venison and foie gras with apple sauce. The rest of the thing was a cup of coffee.

Suddenly a waiter brought a nicely decorated cake with small fireworks were stuck in. It was a special gift for my parents from the chef. I had just told him about their anniversary at the table so he didn’t know it in advance. He and his staff prepared it during we are having the dinner. HOW NICE THEY ARE….!

We did not bring our own camera so the waiter took the picture of us with the cake and hand it to us when we left.

2 hours big lunch. But we got something much more than that.

Restaurant Tsukidate

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