HELP! I need somebody, HELP!

photo by Keiko Aizawa

Once I told several people that I will retire from performing, and I actually took a break for a while. During that, if some people offered opportunities, I had refused them because I was really tired of “the world of magic”.

There was a change a few years ago. I happened to organized a magic show with some friends and performed there after long blank period. It is presented to lay people, not for magicians, I didn’t let magicians know about the show. I think the show was in great success.

A few months ago, I saw one of a friend who came to see the show. She is a contemporary dancer, and express abstract thing with her performance. I’d ever heard that she didn’t like “intelligible thing”. I thought that magic was one of it. So I didn’t think she liked my act very much.

But surprisingly, she introduced me to her friends a lot of complement about my stage performance. It didn’t seem she was saying flattering words.

After the magic show, I wanted to be back to the stage and struggled to make it true. However, I haven’t got any single chance so far. I thought there will be no chance to perform forever in my life, and I’ve almost given up.

The words from the dancer encouraged me a bit. She has great eyes to examine performances and accurate words to express it because she herself is a performer. My act impressed at least one person, and she even said she would like to have another chance to see it.

As long as there are some people who would like to see my act, shouldn’t I continue to work hard to make it?

No, I shouldn’t. People can live without watching my performance. My effort has no meaning for others.” Even I stop working, nobody will be in trouble.

But, I will perform for myself. “I” love myself performing. So I should keep working. “I” just would like to perform on a stage.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a strong network to enhance my chances. So If you have any tips to bring me back on stage, please tell it to me, or share this post with others who might be interested in.

I am working as a web engineer, it is also lovely job. I still enjoying my life so far. So it is not so urgent, though.

Thanks, happy holidays to you all!

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