Hot biscuit I had in Collon

I went to Colon, Michigan in 2002 as a guest performer of a magic convention. Colon is a very small town and not a tourist area so there are no hotels or B&B. The participants of the convention stay at someone’s house or camp site. Usually the organizer prepared an accommodation for the guest performers. So I offered a nice brick house which was owned by a couple who live in Kalamazoo, 30 miles away from Colon. It was their second house. I stayed there with other guests. The couple took care of us very much.

During our stay, the lady of the house made us a gorgeous dinner. The day was the birthday of one of the guests. I hadn’t had anything tasty in the USA so far, so I almost believed there was nothing delicious in the United States. But everything tasted so nice in the dinner. I cannot forget about the food, but their hospitality.

Recently I suddenly remembered hot biscuits she had made at that time. I searched the recipes on the Internet and made it, but it is not the exact same one. I might have to ask her the recipe.

By the way, British scone is kind of famous in Japan, but American biscuit is not popular. They look similar, though.

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