Madeleine of the appriciation

An acquaintance was looking for an oven which is used on a stove burner. It is so to say just a metal box with a thermometer. I had one then I gave it to him.

Surprisingly the oven was the one exactly he was looking for! The same manufacturer, the same outer case (paper box), the same size and the same color!!!

When he was a kid, his mom cooked many things in the oven. She used the oven so frequently then finally it was broken. As I mentioned, the oven is “just a box” so there is no part to be broken. From this fact, you can imagine how often she used it!!

He wanted to bake pizza at an open-air food stall at a festival, but he cannot bring a normal gas oven outside. So he reminded the type of oven as his mom had. However the oven is not in production at all so he looked for it at an internet auction. He found some, but the final price sometimes reaches to several tens of thousands yen! It must be more than 10 times as the original price….

Oh! Was it such a worthful stuff? (^_^;)

I was thinking I don’t use it anymore then If I knew it, I would sell it away at an online auction. But it was good that the oven was taken by an acquaintance and made them very delighted!

He asked his mom to bake madeleine as she did long time ago. It goes pretty well then he sent many of those to me to show his appreciation.

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