Nagasaki Champon

Nagasaki Champon

I went to “Ringerhut” last night, it is a famous “champon” restaurant chain but actually I didn’t know there was one in my home town, Nagoya till a year ago.

I visited my friend in Fukuoka in summer in 2010. They took me to one of a “champon” restaurant then. They asked me if there is “Ringerhut” in Nagoya, but I thought there wasn’t any at the moment then said “No!”. However just after I go back home, I found one not far from my place….!

This picture is taken in Nagasaki, not at “Ringerfut” in Nagoya last night, but the word “champon” always reminds me the things in Nagasaki.

I heard there is also a cuisine named “champon” in Korea. I have never tasted it but just heard it in TV dramas or from my Korean friends. It looks totally different things, though.

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