Smug face

smug face
Photo by Keiko Aizawa, Japan

The photographer said taking smiling face was difficult under strong lighting because the lights emphasize smile-wrinkles. Sometimes it makes the faces not really beautiful. So she could take many “successful shot” of me since I really did not smile when I perform.

Normally female magicians smiles a lot during their performance. Or maybe they are expected to do so. Sometimes I feel they smile too much and look unnatural.

Once I have been asked, “why you don’t smile in your act?” The reason is quite simple, I just think I don’t need to do. To tell the truth, I do not “act” like an actress when I perform. If I smile, it means that I respond to the audience. All the facial expression comes form my natural feelings.

A guy who has seen my act for a long time came to see our show and said “You must smile more!”, it is what he always says to me. I know his opinion is vagrant, so I will never listen to him, though.

In contrast to me, walaco and Yumi MOSTLY smile during their stage act. They might have some reason to smile but I feel smiling like them does not match to my performance. Don’t you think so?

I believe such a difference made very good contrast in the show. Or does it bring a feeling of strangeness because of too strong difference?

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