Sunrise at Mt.Norikura

Sunrise at Mt.Norikura

It was 5 o’clock in the morning! Isn’t it beautiful?

I woke up 3:00 AM and started walking around 3:30. The sky was clear at the moment we even could see a Leonid meteor swarm. However after a half an hour, the fog was coming and we could not see the sky at all. Well, but I believed it would be clear when the sun rises because there was no thick cloud around the mountains. Yes! I was right! \(^O^)/

Mt. Norikura is one of the highest mountain in Japan but you can access to the top of it very easily because public transportation goes up near there. It takes only 1 hour from the parking to the top on foot.

There is a hut in the middle of the trail up a mountain. I stayed there one night to see the sunrise from the mountain peak. Actually I went to the top the day before, I went there twice so to say.

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