The show goes on

tsubaki by walaco
Photo by walaco

Actually the show is going on in this weekend, but only in 3 days!
Every things will be ready soon.

The copy on our flyer says “A wonder you’ve never seen. The amazement you’ve never expected. A miraculous magic show of 3 ladies”.

This is written by Mr. Toru Suzuki, the show director.

I will do the act with fans and bells.

Walaco will perform her gentle act which express changing of seasons. (The photo was taken by her)

The whole show will be hosted by Yumi, a FISM winner in 2000.

Our light operator is preparing much more than we have expected, so then we have decided to invite camera crew to record the show. Things are going so well so it should not be missed by anybody….!

The show info

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