The Sound Of The Bells 4. – Having a tiny-real-kagura-suzu

Photo by Keiko Aizawa (Nagoya, Japan)

After a lot of trial and error, finally I realized that “I should not use whisk for the performance”. And I also thought that “there must be a true ‘kagura-suzu’ for the purpose”. So, I belatedly started to look for “kagura-suzu” at a certain street. There is a place which has a lot of shops of ritual article and Buddhist objects in my hometown. Eventually, it was so easy to find a true ‘kagura-suzu’, but at the same time I faced the very expensive price of it. I felt it was not affordable for me…

However, luckily I found another thing on a displaying shelf. It was a bit smaller, looked cheaper and doesn’t look gorgeous, but the size and the weight are closer to my lovely-fake-kagura-suzu which is made of a whisk. It seemed easier to use than the gorgeous one. Whereas a real “kagura-suzu” was a metallic staff, a small “kagura-suzu” was made of paper and wood which might be made for children.

I used to use a “kagura-suzu” just for decorative prop. After I got the tiny-real-kagura-suzu, I got new ideas and put them into my routine. A “kagura-suzu” finally really became a part of the magic. The part of fans and the part of bells connected smoothly and necessity of their combination become clearer.

The part of bells increased the presence little by little. I also added handbells and earrings of small bells to my performance later.

To be continued…

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