The Sound Of The Bells 6. – Earring

Photo by Thomas (Ingolstat, Germany)

By the way, I was quite busy before I went to Italy. Between the close-up magic contest and the magic convention in Italy, I entered a stage magic competition in Tokyo, Japan. The routine was not same as the latest one, I didn’t think it was perfect. Such a feeling must have been shown to the audience, because I couldn’t get any good reaction from them. Of course I didn’t win at the competition.

I didn’t care much about the result, but was not really satisfied with my performance. I wanted to win against myself. It means, creating a complete routine, performing perfectly and grabbing the audience’s hearts certainly.

A person who watched my performance at the competition gave me some words, “The earring part was very good. When you took the earrings out from your ears and rang them, I even felt awed.”

Well, that part doesn’t have any magic effects, though…

He might not be able to find any other point to compliment.

It wasn’t because I got these words, but the part he mentioned had become extremely better. I supposed to take part in a bigger competition next year, so I was thinking rebuilding my routine. Then right after I came back from Italy, I started it.

To be continued…

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