The Sound Of The Bells 8. – A Microphone For The Ringing

Photo by Thomas (Ingolstat, Germany)

A person who does research on magic told me that mine was the ONLY stage magic performance which uses the live sounds efficiently, at least as he knew. I am suspicious of it, and even if it is true, I don’t think it increases the worth of my act.

However, a truly-gratifying thing which concerned with “the live sound” happened at a magic convention.

At the convention, I performed at a night gala. It was held at a hall half outside in a beautiful park. The place was surrounded by walls in three directions and a roof on the top, but the entrance is fully open to the outside.

At the rehearsal, one of a background staff told me to check the ringing sound at the audience seats because he set up a microphone for it. The young man set up the microphone ONLY for my performance! He might think the small ringing sound would be diffused in such an environment.

Of course it was not me ordering that, I didn’t even think asking that to backstage people. Even if I thought about that, I couldn’t ask it because I know they are so busy with full of the things to do in backstage. Usually they don’t have such a room to do extra.

The staff already had seen my act somewhere before. And he is a very good magic performer himself. So he found that the sound of bells is important in my routine. He must be thinking delivering the sound to the audience was important for the show, maybe he knew it more than me.

I deeply appreciate his thoughtful behavior.

To be continued…

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