The Sound Of The Bells 9. – Another Set Of Handbells

bells in the right side are from Berlin

There is another story about handbells.

Usually magicians have a backup of each, because they break unexpectedly. I always bring another set of prop when I go to perform anywhere, but I cannot prepare a backup of handbells. I really didn’t intend to use it for magic when I bought it, so I didn’t get extra. Even if I could visit the market in Italy one more time, it were not sure to get the same ones. So I almost gave up to have another set of handbells. Fortunately the bells were not so fragile.

But. I happened to find exact same ones at a flea market in Berlin, Germany!

In Germany people take good care of old things, so you can see many flea markets here and there on weekends. Most of them are held outside, but some are in huge building and open every day.

One day I went to a flea market which I always wanted to visit. It is held at Tiergarten, which is a large park located in the center of Berlin. I didn’t intend to buy something, but just looking around. And I found the handbells on a booth of brass materials.

I asked the price, but it was a bit higher than I expected. I tried price reduction, but they said “no”. So then I really thought I didn’t need it, and was about to leave the booth.

“OK, I accept your price!”

The seller said. Then I got the second set of handbells with reasonable price.

I was really surprised when I placed the handbells. The ones from Berlin and Italy had exactly same shapes and sizes. They must come from a same factory or it might be so common in Europe… The small differences are brighter color and higher sound of Berlin’s. I use both sets when I perform. If you have seen my act since 2006, you might have listened to either of the sound.

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