Three ladies’ magic live

Three ladies magic live is coming very soon! I am performing after more than 2 years blank period.

The tickets were sold out one and half a month ago, in the beginning of October. Many of our individual friends booked the ticket and are supposed to come to the show. It may be a good thing…but there are also many who could not come even they would like to get in. I was even planning to distribute flyers at many public places and let more lay people come to the show. However before we prepare the flyer, all the tickets have gone!

I really hope to have the same show in the near future somewhere. To tell the trues I was a bit bored to perform only for magicians and would like to show our act to more lay people. I believe this can make our performance more “real” and professional. Anyways my wish will be half realized this time, though.

Before thinking about the next show, we must successfully complete our first show. Please cross your fingers for us!

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