White Vacation

White Vacation
Photo by Mohcha

Aichi Triennale has just started on Aug. 10th! City of Okazaki is selected as one of the exhibition area. I visited Okazaki to attend some opening events and explore in the town to see the exhibitions.

Most of the works are displayed in old buildings which are not used for a long time. One of the building was an old department store. They are still running their business but only in half of them! There are huge empty spaces from 3rd floor to 6th floor. Those empty floors are used for the exhibition.

This picture was taken on the rooftop of the department store. To tell the truth, the rooftop itself is the art work. Everything was painted white so it is too bright in daytime. Imagine the situation you are in snow filed! The reflection would damage your eyes!

“Oh! I cannot go outside without sunglasses!”, I said in breathy voice and almost gave up to examine the art work. However, “Here are sunglasses you can use!” the volunteer staff said to us! Many sunglasses had been prepared on the entrance desk!

That’s why the picture was taken. By the way, look at the perfect balance between three people! I think this picture itself can be an art work. I am not the photographer of this, though. The person in the left side is me.

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