The Sound Of The Bells 3. – trial and ERROR

A kagura-susu made of whisk and bells

The idea they got was attaching bells on a whisk.

It was not a bad idea, is it?

They could get the prop only with several hundred yen even it costs more than 20,000 JPY if you buy the real one!

Unfortunately, this negatively affected on my routine. I used this cheap looking prop in my act in the early days of my career. I couldn’t help it because the prop for “Mikagura” is equal to “a whisk with bells” for me. I even didn’t recognize there was a real “kagura-suzu” in the world! Ohhhhh, poor young girl…

However, thanks of this strange thinking, I produced some unique routines. For example, I created a trick with a small silver cooking bowl.

  1. I produce many silver coins from the air and put them into a cooking bowl.
  2. I take a whisk which somehow is hooked on a table and mix the coins in the bowl (see, this is a proper way to use a whisk!)
  3. I flip the bowl upside down, then silver confetti flutter down from it and silver bells are attached into the whisk! It means the coins mixed by a whisk changes to confetti and bells!

It was a kind of childish idea….

I also created some other routines which concern with a whisk for a while.


Now I know it was totally mismatch. It was trial and ERROR.

To be continued…

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