Trip to Seoul, Korea

A photo is provided by walaco

I had a short trip to Seoul, Korea with Yumi and Walaco this weekend. This is so to say, “show well done” trip, it is called “uchiage” in Japanese.

I have been in Korea many times by myself. Not only in Korea, but also in the other countries, I always traveled only by myself. Come to think of it, it was the first trip overseas with friends. So everything is different from my usual trip!

The good thing was having meals. Normally Korean people seldom have a meal alone, they mostly eat with someone else. So some restaurants serve from two dishes, especially barbecue. We enjoyed pork and duck barbecue for the dinner of the first night.

We had only 3 days so we tried to organize everything efficiently. Even though we were on a tight schedule. Normally I stay longer and accomplish everything I would like to do in enough time. Of course I cannot act in that way this time! I could still enjoy the trip, though.

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