Magic Live at UGM studio

A photo is provided by Mr. Nakamura

I had a show with 2 good friends, Yumi and Walaco, at the UGM magic studio last month. The studio was a bit small for our stage performances but I believe the audience was satisfied with it. Maybe half of them were lay people, actually it was a point I intended.

Our show is composed by Toru Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki and Yumi tried to find the words describing us the best. Yumi addressed it to the audience as an MC. People must have been into the show so naturally because of the well-thought words.

First, Yumi performed her FISM act, and then did quick costume change at the back stage and hosted the whole show. She also performed some close-up magic between our stage act.

Wallace performed two acts, one is with camellias and cherry blossoms and the other is with doves and flowers. The first one expresses change of seasons, from winter to spring. You can see amazing amount of “blooming flowers” in the act. I performed between walaco’s 2 acts.

I am really would like to do the same show, sometime, somewhere. Maybe we add some other members and develop the quality.

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