The Sound Of The Bells 5. – Handbells

Photo by Mikame (Kamakura, Japan)

When I got handbells which perform one of the important parts of my act, I even didn’t think using them for magic. I got them at an open air market in Italy. I supposed to participate to a magic convention and somehow I arrived there one day earlier in the event. So I had free time for all day long.

The town was not a touristic place, but it was the first visit in Italy for me. Anything was so interesting to see. In the morning of the first day, I started to walk with no porpoise. Soon I found that many people were heading to a certain direction. I follow the flow, and reached at a wide open place with a lot of small shops! It must be a weekend market or so. There are shops of foods, kitchen goods, metallic tools, antiques, clothes and etc. I really like looking around such a place! I found the handbells during my strolling in the wonderful market.

Just before the trip to Italy, I organized a small magic event with members of a magic circle. We produced a close-up magic competition, which the competitors have to perform in 10 minutes. I thought using the handbells letting them know the time if a had another chance to organize such a competition.

I wanted the same size ones, but there were not, so I got 2 handbells of different sizes. Eventually it worked better for my performance, though.

To be continued…

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