The Sound Of The Bells 7. – Adding A Part Of Bells

Photo by Keiko Aizawa (Nagoya, Japan)

As you are aware of the words from one of the audience, I had already had an earring part in my routine and the earrings were made of bells. First, I thought making more gorgeous earrings, so then bought up many kinds of bells. In the collection, I chose small bells which have fine wrinkles on the surface. The bells had special sparkles because of the wrinkles. I made brand-new earring of grape-shape with the tiny bells.

Well, the earring was well-made, but I really didn’t think about how to use it (Such a thing happens frequently in the procedure of creating my new routine). Someday, I put the earring into the handbell which I got in Italy for no special reason. It was smoothly go inside. “OK! I use the handbells with this earring!”, I decided. In this way, “the part of bells” newly created in my routine.

“Creating a new part” didn’t mean increasing number of parts in my act. My act can be divided in 4 parts, it hasn’t been changed from the beginning. One part was “deleted” from my routine when I added the bell part. But it doesn’t mean reducing magic effects which had been existed. I shortened a very long routine of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to only 15 seconds, and squished it into the last part.

In this way, my routine became extremely speedy. It also had more magic effects! In other words, the former routine was so sleepy, boring and less of magic…unfortunately.

To be continued…

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